About Us


We, over the years, have carved a niche for ourselves in the Broadcast and Pro-Audio & Video market & provide complete end to end solutions.

We represent several leading international manufacturers in India such as ADC-COMMSCOPE ,  BW BROADCAST, CAD, CUBE-TEC, CINEGY, Decimator,  IKAN, JK AUDIO, LYNX TECHNIK-AG, LYNX STUDIO,  PEBBLE BEACH, PROTAPROMPT,  SENON  & ZENON-MEDIA.

Recently Lynx-Technik have introduced  GREEN-MACHINE. Which is a novel concept of a video and audio processing platform. The processing hardware is a generic processing unit with a certain set of inputs /outputs and processing power. By installing the different APPs, the GreenMachine unit can be turned into a tailored processor to fit exactly your requirements.

We also have Fiber Optic Solutions & Digital Peripherals in our portfolio. They are manufactured by LYNXTechnik-AG, Germany under the brand name of Yellobrik, catering to Quality Conscious clients who demand reliability in the price sensitive broadcast industry. The range of equipment includes HDMI-SDI Converters, Audio Embedders / De-Embedders, Video Distribution Amplifiers, Sync Pulse Generators, along with SDI, Analog Sync / Video, HDMI, Audio, Ethernet, Control Data convertors with Fiber Optics & optical Multiplexers / De-Multiplexers.


We also continue to provide Telephone Hybrids /Interfaces products from JK Audio, ADC Patch Panels from Commscope along with complete Audio Studio Recording & Fibre Transmission Solutions on turn-key basis.

We also provide solutions to Commercial FM Radio Stations and deliver Community Radio Stations on turn-key basis.
The requirement from BW Broadcast, UK, for FM Radio Stations including FM Receivers with DSP Engine, RDS encoders which allows you to broadcast scrolling text, wide range of Audio Processors suitable for HD/AM/FM broadcasting & also have a low cost FM Audio Processor for Community Radio Stations. They also manufacture a wide range of FM Transmitters. Their current range of Transmitters allows easy servicing such as replacing of MOSFET without soldering.

Our solutions from Cube-Tec International Germany provide integrated archive solutions to large Radio &TV stations and as well of institutions.
The next decade is very promising for the broadcast market & we are fully geared to meet new challenges.