FM Transmitter

BW Broadcast FM Transmitter : TX50 V3

The answer to your LPFM problem is 50W, 1RU FM transmitter is a perfect piece of equipment for you. Built in 4-band DSPX audio processing, Ethernet control, RDS Encoder and FSK IDer reduces the need for any additional equipment – sound great and crisp right out of the box!
Now with latest DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) exciter, the TX50 V3 takes the legendary and clean exciters of earlier models with it’s ultra-low distortion modulator to a new level.The TX50 V3 has an integrated multi-band DSPX audio processor that means stations without a dedicated processor sound great, right out of the box. This market leading DSP (Digital Signal Processing) based multi-channel audio processor has been designed to give you a major market signature sound on a budget. With both four-band program dependent limiting and wide band AGC with intelligent gating, parametric EQ and shelf bass enhancement, multi band distortion-controlled clipper and a powerful composite clipper with pilot protection. All this allows you to tailor your sound for maximum impact. Integrated ITU-R 812 MPX power limiter ensures you meet modulation regulations.
Integrated Dynamic RDS is now standard on-board. Listeners now expect to see RDS data on their radios featuring full station, music and advertising related information. The V3 platform includes a powerful dynamic RDS system allowing you to maximize the impact and deliver value for your advertisers from a single box solution.

Why you’ll never regret choosing the TX50 V3
• 5 to 50 watts RF output power
• Direct to channel digital modulation
• GPS inputs for SFN application
• XLR analogue & digital inputs
• Dual MPX / scartins and outs
• Lab grade DSP stereo generator
• RDS (Radio Data System) generator
• DSPX Four band processor inside
• VSWR and temp monitoring
• Events, alarms and actions
• RS232, Telnet, SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol)
• Mobile ready web browser control